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my story

Changing my lifestyle was the best decision I made almost 8 years ago, and I am so thankful I did. I have healed from all of my health problems (IBS, GERD-acid reflux, intense allergies, candida, arthritis, constant stomach ache, painful period…). Now, I can just enjoy my life without any pain, and feel my best… I am so grateful because this decision has also brought me to do what I love and am passionate about, which is helping others achieve optimal health to transform their life for a better one.  Every day when I wake up, I always say thank you for my life, and my well-being  I have felt so much pain in my life, and felt my worst for so long, that it is natural for me to just say thank you all the time. Gratitude is my constant state of mind. If you feel tired of enduring pain and discomfort, and feel this calling to improve your life, reach out, or book a one hour consult with me.

loving this lifestyle

the power of raw living food!

The power of Raw living foods and Superfoods! 3 years in between these 2 pictures. I am loving my journey, and I always want to improve my health even more. In my mentality, there is always place for improvements and upgrades!!! I am now living on mostly liquids, and when I eat, it is usually either fruits or a delicious raw vegan meal. Healing takes time so be patient with yourself.